Elvin Siew Chun Wai takes a trip of Varanasi to collect some peace

On various occasions, Elvin Siew Chun Wai has called Varanasi his spiritual home. He loves traveling to the ghats of Varanasi. There are so many temples where he has visited. No one has ever stopped him from visiting a temple. This aspect is always admired by Elvin who believes that foreigners receive grand respect in this old city. Elvin Siew Chun Wai has traveled to Sarnath several times where Lord Buddha had given his first sermon. In Sarnath, you will find great and big gardens where you can spend the whole day. Elvin travels to ghats and sits there for several hours.


Elvin Siew Chun Wai believes that everyone should visit Sarnath and Varanasi once in their lifetime. Varanasi is a great city and you must visit varanasi at least once to experience the divine power. Elvin admitted that when he sits on the steps of ghats, he feels that this world is just a gymnasium where we come to do some exercise. In the last few years, Varanasi has changed extensively. The local administration and the leadership is also making desperate attempts to modify the city.


Varanasi is one of the continuously inhabited cities in recorded history. For more than three thousand years, people have been living in Varanasi. Even if you will sit near the cremation ground, you will feel at peace. Elvin Siew Chun Wai said that he just loved wandering in the lanes of the city. The local people of Varanasi are great host. Elvin said that he loved the spicy food of Varanasi and the hospitality of the local people.


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